About Our Services

The company was established 1999 with offices in the South West towns of Barnstaple and Bideford with a sub office in Redruth, Cornwall.  The company directors together have over 30 years experience in advising clients as independent financial advisers.  The company has been built on a quality of service second to none and look to build long-term relationships with our clients.  Traditionally we have generated the majority of new business not by catchy adverts and smooth talking sales techniques but through our open door policy at our offices and importantly from referrals from our existing clients and legal professionals.  By offering free initial consultations totally without obligation, we can provide the opportunity for us to get to know each other before committing to the advice process; we work at your pace. 

Traditional Services

Braunton IFA Ltd is a forward thinking independent financial services company which enables individuals looking for comprehensive advice to receive the most personalised service, delivered by a team of superbly experienced and trained advisers, without the high pressure sales techniques of many providers of financial services.  On contacting our company you will be allocated a specific consultant that will handle your affairs personally.  All our professional advisers have been with our company since it was established providing continuity of service to our clients. In today’s financial market this traditional approach to financial planning is hard to find.

Online Services

In order to make our services available to wider clients, we have developed and continue to build our very popular website.  We recognise that many individuals either do not have the time or feel uncomfortable arranging face to face appointments with an adviser and instead prefer to deal at arms length.  Wherever possible we incorporate into our site services that allow you to obtain information as efficiently as possible.  All information and quotations are provided without charge.

How Independent Advisers differ for the competition

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) offer unbiased financial advice and recommend the most suitable products, if any, after researching the whole market. The key differentiator is that we act on your behalf and will offer you the option of paying by a fee, as well as the option of paying by commission or combination of both.

Tied Agents can only advise on the products of one provider, you will often, but not always, find this type of provider within your bank or building society or from an insurance company.

Multi-Tied Agents are financial advisers allowed to recommend the products of a very limited selection of providers, rather than just one.  This could appear to offer wider choice to the consumer although Multi-tie arrangements will only allow the adviser a very narrow choice of providers.  Unlike IFAs, the adviser will not be able to recommend other products should they become attractive and be more suitable to the client.  It is likely that banks and building societies will go down this route as they look to appear to provide choice, albeit limited, to their clients.